5 Reasons You Need to Vote!

Alright, I know politics aren’t everyone’s favorite thing, BUT the fact of the matter is, they affect each & every one of us. So this means, like it or not, you need to pay attention to what is going on in the world. This doesn’t mean just at a national level, it means local as well! Speaking of local, midterm elections are Tuesday! November 6th! Midterm elections happen, you guessed it, in the middle of a presidential election, ie every two years. Ballots vary from county to county across the country. You can find what is going to be on your local ballot by simply googling, “sample ballot ____ county”. You are going to be voting on local/federal representatives for your district, as well as possible state level amendments, judges, etc. For example, here in Missouri legalizing medical marijuana is on our ballot as three separate amendments. Still with me? Let me break down five few reasons you NEED to vote in midterm elections!

It Is Your Civic Responsibility and It’s Not Hard. 

Not everyone in the world gets the opportunity to have their voices heard like we do here in America. Registering to vote, takes two seconds online. Going to vote, can take some time depending on your polling place. Lucky for me I live in a small town so even if there is a line when I go to vote, it’s never long. Polls usually open sometime around 6:00am and close sometime around 7:00pm. You can find the exact time your polling place is open by googling, “what time are the polls open”? You will then type in your address & get the exact hours! Polls are usually busiest before work, after work & lunch hour. So, with that in mind, plan your trip to the polls accordingly! Most jobs will excuse tardiness on election days, some even give paid time off! I’d discuss with your boss ahead of time!

The results of midterm elections directly impact your life! 

The people you vote into office make decisions every day that impact you. I remember when Obamacare got approved. It was the first big decision a President made that I was directly aware of the impact of. My OBGYN had gone out on her own before it happened. Once it was law, she was unable to afford to stay in business & shut down her office. I was devastated.

 You can’t complain, if you don’t vote. It’s that simple. 

These days everywhere you turn there are people complaining about something in this country. The problem is, they don’t care to do anything about it. Here’s the rough truth, if you don’t vote you have no grounds to complain. Also, before you complain, make sure you’re really informed on the issue you’re complaining about 🙂 but that’s a topic for another day…

Things won’t change or, if you like how things are, they won’t stay the same, unless you vote. 

Right now we are in a particularly odd political climate. It feels like the entire country is split down the middle with people on polar opposite sides. The great thing about the American political system is checks and balance for the President. So, whether you are for or against the executive decisions he is making (or trying to make) you should feel fired up to vote! Right now Republicans have control of the House and the Senate. This means that there basically is no checks and balance for Trump, seeing as, he is a Republican. The results of the midterm election could change that.

 Votes make a difference. 

This point piggybacks off of my last point. Votes remove people from office and they put new people in. Votes will, in the state of Missouri, possibly legalize medical marijuana. Every vote, from every person, especially you, matters!

OH and one more reason, because this is the age of Instagram, when you vote, you get a sticker to take the perfect selfie with. (In all actuality DON’T show up just to get a sticker 🙂 please be informed before you cast your vote!) <3

I hope that these reasons have given you that extra umph to get you to the polls! OR just reignited/added to the fire you’ve already got going for election day! If you have ANY questions about voting, midterm elections, or politics in general do NOT hesitate to hit me up!



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