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5 UJ Earring Dupes You Need Right Now!

If you’re anything like me you have known the name Kristin Cavallari since high school. While I love her and everything she has done/continues to do, ya girl just can’t be shoveling out $40+ for every pair of Uncommon James earrings I want to purchase! Enter Izzy Anne Society. I was so happy when I learned about this woman owned small business and you will be too!

Earrings on Izzy Anne are so reasonably priced, you can get 5 pairs for about the same price as ONE pair of Cavallari’s Uncommon James pairs. IA has some great price points for purchasing multiple pairs, and believe me once you see these earrings, you’re going to want to purchase multiple pairs. You can get one pair for $14, 3 pairs for $35 and 5 pairs for $55!

So let’s look at some product comparisons! I went ahead and ordered a couple of my absolute favorites so I could have them on hand to share with you. I’ve already got more sitting in my cart!

Both of these below pairs are from UJ and go for $52 each.

These are my IAS dupes!

Here they are on…

The IAS earrings are going to be bigger than the UJ ones, but I prefer them that way! Let’s do another comparison!

If you’re at all familiar with Cavallari and UJ then you have heard her talk about or have seen, the Girl Boss earrings. They come in 3 different sizes as pictured below.

photo cred : Uncommon James

Of course I had to include these in my IAS order! Offered in one size comparable to UJ’s biggest size.

Let’s look at some side by sides!

UJ (Washington Square) on the left and IAS (CEO Hoops) on the right. $62 vs. $14.

UJ (Island Girl) on the left and IAS (Audrey) on the right. $52 vs. $14.

As you can see, Izzy Anne has some really freaking cute UJ dupes! In fact, you could buy all 5 of the pairs I’ve shown for around the same price or less than ONE pair of the UJ earrings. I was not paid to share this information with you, I am legit just so excited to have found IAS I knew I had to share it with everyone!

I hope all of you are being safe & able to stay healthy during this weird time in the world. Thanks for reading & following along with me!


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