Hey! I’m Jessica. I am a wife, dog/cat mom, business owner, nature lover, & aunt! I currently own 4 dogs & 3 cats with my ridiculously good looking husband, Scot. We live in a small town in Missouri & we love it! 

One fun fact about me is, I wear wigs! I have thinning hair + hair loss due to PCOS, so in the last couple of months I have started wearing wigs! If you follow me on Instagram you will see them!

My main goal with my blog/Instagram is just to encourage you to love yourself, fiercely. I want everyone to know that they can be happy, right now, just as they are! You don’t need to lose weight, get a job, hit a goal, you can do it right now. You deserve to be happy RIGHT. NOW! 

I hope you will leave here feeling inspired & loving yourself just a little bit more.