All About Thieves Essential Oil

Hey friends! I am going to be trying something new with the oils aspect of MWJ! Each week I will be shining the spotlight on a different oil or line of products that Young Living offers. This could be in the form of IGTV videos, Facebook lives, posts on my oils specific Instagram (@mwjessoils), etc. The first spotlight is shining on Thieves!

Yesterday I posted a short video to the IGTV channel on @mwjessoils. I talked about Thieves eo, & the entire line of Thieves products YL offers, and specifically Thieves household cleaner. Today I wanted to talk more in detail of specific ways I have personally used Thieves eo in my everyday life for myself & around my house!

First, let’s talk more about Thieves! Thieves is a powerful combination of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary. I love the tale of how Thieves oil got its name. There’s different versions but they all are essentially the same. The tale says in the 15th century a bubonic plague outbreak in the Europe was running rampant. During this time four thieves were going home to home & robbing the infected dead bodies of their possessions. When the thieves were finally caught the judge offered them a deal, a shorter sentence if they could explain how they were able to be around so many infected bodies & not contract the highly contagious plague. The thieves then shared their knowledge of herbal remedies & the specific blend they had created to put inside of their masks before entering a home. Thus, giving a name to the blend we now know as Thieves! Neat huh?

Knowing the history of Thieves it only makes sense that the first roller I made was a wellness roller. I have posted and talked about this roller multiple times on the blog so you may already know that Thieves is one of two essential oils in it! I rub my wellness roller on the bottoms of my feet every night before I go to bed and I can promise you this has made a huge difference in my overall wellness. Yes I have been sick in the last year, but only twice! Both times were much shorter than when my husband who try as I might, doesn’t roll his feet, had the same bug. You can get the specific recipe for this roller here.

One of my favorite ways I use Thieves is in my homemade carpet cleaner. Luckily we only have two carpeted rooms in our house, but we do have seven animals in our house, so…those carpeted rooms need cleaned regularly. Honestly, this recipe cleans our carpets better than anything else we have ever tried. Bonus, it leaves the room smelling amazing!! Side note, being able to clean with essential oils has completely changed my life. After smelling how great my home can smell after cleaning with oils compared to products filled with chemicals, I can’t believe I waited to so long to make the change!

In addition to my wellness roller, and my carpet cleaner, I will also diffuse Thieves regularly to clean the air. Specifically, when Scot or I are feeling under the weather. However, there are still a lot ways to use Thieves I haven’t touched on, so let me list some of the most popular ways for you!

  • Add 2-4 drops to water & gargle to relieve a sore throat.
  • Apply a drop directly to teeth or gums to relive aches or pain.
  • Place a drop on thumb & apply to roof of mouth to relive headache.
  • Add 8-10 drops to spray bottle with water & spray around house to repel bugs & spiders

Thieves is such an amazing & versatile oil, Young Living has created an entire line of Thieves products. You can even purchase a kit with a variety of them for only $118.50! There’s everything from toothpaste, to cough drops to hand sanitizer! If you are interested in trying a product out, or you simply want more information please feel free to hit me up! I am always here for all of your oil questions!

Thieves is available in 5ml & 15ml bottles, starting at $14.75 for members! Ask me about how you can become a member anytime! I hope this post gave you some more information about Thieves as well as some new ways you can use the oil!

Thanks for reading & following along!


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