• DIYs

    DIY Wall Jewelry Holder

    So two years of managing a Claire’s store has left me with a LOT of jewelry spread out across 3 jewelry holders + 1 jewelry box. It was DEFINITELY time for a change! I knew I wanted all of the jewelry visible & easy to get to so the obvious choice was to have it on a blank wall in my bedroom. After hours of scouring Pinterest & trips to Home Depot we decided on a quick + cheap + super easy way to accomplish this! So now I am going to share it with you! We started with some leftover wood pieces we had. I painted one 24 inch…

  • DIYs

    DIY – How I Etch Glass

    So if you’re my Facebook friend or Instagram friend or Twitter follower (because lets be real who uses Twitter these days? I just sync things to it & hardly ever open the actual app) you know that I have been testing the waters of a myriad of different craft projects here of late. The one with the most interest in the process has of course been glass etching. So, I thought I would document the process & post it here for those that are interested! It really is SUPER easy to do! All you are going to need is your glass (duh), some etching cream, gloves, a stencil or a…

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