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    Six Oily Steps I Take to Fight Off a Cold

    Y’all. I made it so far into the year without getting sick! I credit that in large part to my oils. After all, they are the biggest (& really only) change I have made to my wellness in the last year. When I did finally get hit with a cold they were the first thing I turned to and let me tell you, they cut that sucker in HALF! I have never in my life gotten over a cold so quickly. So now I am going to share all the different ways I used oils during my cold!!  First & foremost I made sure I was using my Wellness roller…

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    Wellness Wednesday : Self Love

    Well friends it’s my first day being a thirty-two year old. One of the biggest lessons I learned this last year is the importance of self love. Sometimes it takes going through hardship to realize how important it is to take care of yourself. Whether it feels like your world is falling apart or you feel like you’re on top of the world, self love is important! Below I am going to share four things I do to show myself some self love! An easy way to show yourself some self-love is with exercise. My exercise of choice is yoga. I always feel better after & I have never regretted…

  • Oils,  Wellness Wednesday

    Wellness Wednesday : Wellness EO Roller

    Hey friends! I am going to be doing another series across my platforms called “Wellness Wednesday”! It might not always be a blog post, it could just be a story/live, a post on my Instagram, a recipe, the possibilities are endless! Just make sure you’re connected with me so you don’t miss out! It also won’t always be about oils! I’m going to talk about all kinds of things! Some examples include-therapy, yoga, meditation, self-love & more! If there is something you want to hear about, don’t be shy, let me know! So let’s dive into the very first Wellness Wednesday!!! When I received my starter kit from Young Living…

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