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Girl Boss : Make-Up Artist Mallory Belote

I met Mallory via Instagram a few months ago and we instantly clicked! She has one of those personalities people are just drawn to. In fact, she’s SO super nice that when I posted her story about being featured on my blog to my story, two people instantly DM’d me with excitement to read this feature! Mallory is also the whole reason I joined Style Collective. She has such a heart for others, whether you want advice on make-up, blogging, dealing with grief, or just advice on life she is there for you. When I met one of our fellow SC sisters IRL, Mallory came up in conversation & we both gushed over her.

I am so excited to be introducing you all to her today! Enjoy her interview below :

You are a crazy talented make-up artist! How did you get into that?!

Thank you so much! A lot of people don’t know this, but my mom was actually a makeup artist. She worked for a few brands throughout her career, but ended up leaving the industry to be a stay at home mom. I grew up watching her, but I was the BIGGEST tomboy growing up. I’m talking sweatpants, muddy tee shirts, and messy hair all the time. Once I got to middle school, I wanted to be more girly. I asked my mom to take me to the MAC counter in my hometown to try out some products. I was instantly hooked on the feeling I got while applying makeup. Technique came super natural to me, probably because I spent so much time watching my mom. Eventually, I had friends coming to me for tips. I even skipped my semi-formal my senior year because so many of my friends had booked me to do their makeup. I knew it was something I had to go to school for and pursue as a career. Now, over 5 years later, I’ve built up a solid clientele just through word mouth in my town!

What piece of advice would you give to girls wanting to get into cosmetology?

I would say to go into it with an open mind. With YouTube and blogs today, it’s easy to think you know everything just from learning online. I definitely thought I did! Once I got to beauty school, I realized there was a lot more to it than meets the eye. I also hear a lot of girls come to me saying that they’re already really good at doing their own, so they know they can be successful. Although this may be true for some, it’s definitely not a fact. Doing hair and makeup on others can be a lot trickier than doing it on yourself. I highly suggest practicing on other people before you spend the money to go to school!

You also run the GORGEOUS “Mally Elizabeth” blog! What inspired you to start blogging?

I had so many clients asking me the same questions, so I figured I would start a blog to answer their questions. I also wanted them to be able to do the same things that I did on their faces to themselves. Some of my clients will say “I love the way I look, but I know I won’t be able to recreate this.” I always point them toward my blog so they can get product knowledge and makeup tips whenever they need them.

I initially started my blog over 5 years ago as makemeovermally, which is now my business name. After about a year and a half of blogging, I got a job with a popular beauty company, and they strongly advised against blogging. We learned of early releases before the public knew about them, and received a ton of free product, so they didn’t want us to spill the beans on secret information. I shut that blog down in order to keep up with the company policies. About 2 years ago, I was no longer working for the company, and decided to start back up again! I am so glad I did, because this blog has been such an amazing creative outlet for me!

I know there’s TONS of advice to give to inspiring bloggers, but what’s your biggest tip for people looking to start their own blog?

Consistency! Nothing worth having comes overnight, so it’s important to always keep your eye on your goal. Do something every single day to work toward that goal you have in mind. Maybe that goal is gaining new followers, or making money blogging. Figure out the steps it takes to get there, and work at it consistently. I’m just NOW starting to see consistent growth, and I’ve had my account for a little under a year. Stick with it, I guarantee you will have success if you work at it every day.

In addition to being a girl boss, a blogger, AND a college student, you recently got ENGAGED to your service man lover! <3 Congratulations!!! HOW do you stay on top of everything you have going on?

Yes! I am so excited! I always make sure to plan out everything in my phone. I love physical planners for school work, but social events and blogging reminders almost always go into my phone calendar. I think the biggest thing is to figure out what works for you in terms of time management. Also, in 2018 I learned how to say no. 2017 was so hectic for me because I felt like I needed to take on the world and say yes to everyone. Now, I say no to more things in order to stay focused on my own goals rather than someone else’s. The power of “no” is so strong!

I want to talk about something you are passionate about, which is grief & loss. You worked at a camp for children dealing with grief this summer. What would you like people to know about this topic?

I think it’s important to note that grief is so dynamic. I still currently work with grieving children, and am going to school to be a grief counselor, so I learn more every single day. I lost my dad when I was 12 years old, and have realized as I’ve gotten older that your grief never ends, it changes. I went to a conference on this topic in the fall, and one of the keynote speakers explained how children grieve differently than adults. For example, the typical grieving process starts all over again at major life events where the loved one would have been at had they still been alive. As I’m coming up on my wedding, I definitely relate to this. Children can make sense of death in such an insightful way. Some of the most impactful conversations I’ve had about death have been with my group of 6-9 year olds. Taking the time to listen to their feelings is so incredibly important, because you are molding them to be productive adults who will deal with the same grief they grew up with.

Where can people keep up with you?!

You all can come to my little corner of the internet over at and read about what I have to say over at I believe in leaving people better than I found them, so come on over and say hi! I would love to have you!

Now that you are all as obsessed with Mallory as everyone who knows her, I am super excited to announce that the fun doesn’t end here! Mallory has so graciously agreed to do MWJ’s very first guest post!! So stay tuned because you will not want to miss it!

Thanks for reading! <3


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