I’m Running For President

Well everyone, I’m running for president. When I was in 8th grade & again my senior year I was voted by my classmates “Most Likely to be President”. Both of these years were Bush election years. Growing up in the home I did I knew all of my local politicians, went to election results parties & was elated to be able to vote upon turning 18 (in August so I even got to vote in my 18th year for a President!). This is probably the only reason I was voted this by my classmates. I mean, what 8th grader is excited about a presidental election? *Raises Hand* I also attended the Republican National Convention in NYC in 2004, which we left for ON my 18th birthday.

So that brings us to the current election & the candidates we have before us. A  bumbling bafoon & a liar. So, since the road to the oval office thus far this year has proven that you don’t actually need any experience & that the candidates can do whatever the heck they want-I am throwing my hat in the ring. Sure, I’m not 35 but I do have political experience-some (most) would say more than a certain candidate who wants to force other countries to build walls…just..WHAT?! I do meet the other two requirements! 😉

My ideal VP would be Nick Offerman, so I will need to buy a lot of whiskey & probably a canoe to convince him…Let’s have debates! In bars-with drinks 🙂 My first order of business will be to do away with breed restrictions. Ya fools! I believe dogs are better than most humans & I think every well suited home should have one (or 4). Also animal testing-DUNZO.

Basically I am saying, come November, feel free to write in “Cornish” & together we can Make America Sane Again. cornish4pres

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