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International Women’s Day

Hey friends! I am super excited to be doing a special post today for International Women’s Day with some of my Style Collective sisters! I’ll be adding a special link to the bottom of this post so you can check out their posts as well! Let’s get started!

Who I Am & Why I Started Blogging

In case you’re new around here I wanted to take a second to introduce myself & talk about why I started my blog. My name is Jessica and I am behind everything Midwest Jess! I am a wife, dog/cat mom, aunt & business owner. I love the outdoors, animals, pop culture & Oklahoma.

Three fun facts about me are : 1. I’m scared of whales + butterflies 2. I’ve co-hosted a couple podcasts that may just be making their way back….! 3. I own 4 dogs and 3 cats with my husband Scot.

I run a business called Love Note where I offer services as well as pet photography. I live that oil life so if you ever have any questions about toxin free living feel free to hit me up! In addition to these two, I am also a maker. I make everything from apparel to faux leather earrings to signs & more! You can check out my Etsy if you’re interested or join my private Facebook group!

I initially started my blog to document a little journey Scot & I did called #26Churches26Weeks . We visited a different denomination’s service each week & then I would write a post about the religions beliefs as well as our experience. After that ended I started to throw around the idea of continuing my blog as a sort of mirror to my lifestyle. I hadn’t found a blogger out there who was similar to myself or talking about the variety of things I am interested in so I jumped in & here we are!

My personal mission statement when it comes to blogging is this, I want to empower you to love yourself, follow your dreams & ignite a passion in you for the world around you! I talk about a variety of things here, everything from oils to fashion to politics. I hope there’s something here that speaks to you regardless of where you’re at in life.


I’m supposed to talk about some big goals I’ve accomplished here, but to be honest with you I’ve never been much of a goal setter. The thing I always think of when asked about accomplishments though is starting Love Note. I started it in 2011, all on my own, in a one bedroom apartment. Fast forward to today & business is good! I think starting my own business is a pretty big accomplishment. I’ve also taught myself how to make everything that I sell in my Etsy. I run multiple businesses everyday where I am the only person responsible for any revenue coming in. It’s a lot sometimes but I would not want it any other way.

International Women’s Day

When I think about International Women’s Day I think about all of the amazing women in my life I am able to call friends. I am surrounded by some of the most inspiring & supportive women! They are killing it in their jobs, they are ridiculously excited for other women’s accomplishments & they are FUN! They are the reason I started the Girl Boss series on my blog. Being a small business owner I know the power of online support. This series is a way for me to shine a light on all of their hard work.

This goes hand in hand with what being a member of Style Collective means to me. I have met some of the sweetest, most supportive, genuine women through SC. I love that it is a group of like minded women, essentially doing similar things and yet, I have NEVER seen a negative word spoken. Everyone is more than willing to help you with any question you may have. I hope you can take some time to read through their posts because you will be meeting some seriously awesome women! If you are interested in becoming one of our sisters yourself, you can find more information on Style Collective here.

I hope you have a great day today! I hope you are inspired & can do some inspiring yourself! Tell me about who your biggest inspiration is & check out some of my SC sisters below!

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