Let’s Talk About Privilege

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I can’t stay quiet anymore. I can’t sit back & just talk about the news with my husband & my two friends who stay informed. I can’t ignore the issues that are facing this country I call home. I can’t ignore racism because it doesn’t affect me. I can’t even begin to rationalize a president who doesn’t take the earliest opportunity to condemn white nationalists/Nazis.

Your ability to ignore the news, to turn a blind eye to what happened over the weekend, & is STILL happening, THAT is your privilege at work. That is the literal definition of privilege. Lucky you, you were born white, you weren’t born into a Jewish family, you weren’t born into a Muslim family, you don’t have to live each day in fear for your life. There are people in this country that legitimately do.

If you haven’t watched the video that HBO’s VICE put out yet, you need to. It is a first hand account of the protests. It isn’t something you will enjoy watching (I hope) & it isn’t something that is going to leave you feeling happy at the end. It is something that is important to watch though.

I don’t understand living with such a strong amount of hate towards other people. Who doesn’t have a friend/family/co-worker of a different race or religion?? To say they are an exception to the rule is BS. There’s no such thing as “a little racist” anymore. Hate is hate. To jokingly call someone a racist, or tell racist jokes is something I don’t even want to be around. I was literally bawling my eyes out earlier in the week after watching the VICE video. 

White privilege isn’t something that was “made up by the oppressed”. What it is is Americans ignoring the news. Americans defending monuments instead of other human beings. Americans living in bubbles because they “don’t see it in their daily life” & it “doesn’t affect them”. Americans more worried about whether or not their kids will get to watch a solar eclipse at school than their fellow Americans getting plowed down by a car for speaking out against Nazis.

So basically. Stop the excuses. Stop ignoring the news. Get informed. Speak out. Defend your fellow American.

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