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My Newest Obsession!

I know, I click baited you, I’m sorry. Feel free to leave now. Click the “x”, move on with your life, I get it. I understand.

Still here? Let me take you back to December with me so we can get back to when this alllllll started! Alright, so we’re back in December (brrr) & one of my cousins started a new job. This particular cousin cannot hold a job outside of the house due to health issues so when she started a job where she could work from the comfort of home & I could support her from my cell phone I was SUPER excited!! What was the job? Well my friends, she signed up with color street!

What is color street you may ask? I’mma tell you! Color street is 100% real nail polish in dry, strip form! You got your base, color & top coat all in one piece! Here’s a pic to drop some more knowledge on you!

I got my first set of nails from her for my brothers wedding…y’all I haven’t stopped since!!! I have had a set on my nails almost constantly since that wedding back in December! I told you I was obsessed!

Not only are color street nails SUPER easy to apply, but they are also SUPER affordable! Let me hit you with that price list!

With that B3G1 deal I was usually spending about $40 total with shipping for 4 sets. That’s 8 manicures or 4 mani + pedis depending on how you want to use your strips! Girl. That price cannot be beat!!!

Can you tell that I love color street yet? Because I really really do! So, it should come as no surprise to you that a couple months into my obsession I started tossing around the idea of signing up with color street myself. Honestly the only thing that was making me hesitant was their requirements to stay “active”. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to sell the nails. I was already throwing so much at people as it is (my blog, my making, oils, love note, podcast, etc). Then one weekend I had a come to Jesus moment on my couch when I was boarding two dogs. Scot had left for work & I was just one giant ball of stress. I was literally sitting on the couch bawling while cuddling a boarding dog in my arms on a Friday night guys. The next morning, when Scot came home from work we talked more about my decision to cut back with Love Note.

Once I decided to cut back with Love Note, it only made sense to me that now was the time to sign up & go all in with color street. Love Note is my biggest source of income so I was very anxious about stepping back from it. Signing up with color street is very affordable, I think it came to around $150 with shipping + tax. You can make that all right back if you sell the 10 sets they give you! Once I had signed up, it also made sense for me to stop pursuing oils as any sort of business venture & just stick to using them for myself.

So my color street kit came, I had my online launch party on Facebook and guys, it was so fun! I have already been sharing about these nails for months whenever anyone complimented me on them so it has just been so natural to continue doing that!

I am so super excited about this new path I am on. It is like a weight has been lifted from me work wise. I know direct selling/mlms have such a bad stinky rep. & I understand why, but I am just so genuinely obsessed with this product, I don’t even care! I am pushing past that & sharing about it shamelessly! I have always been someone who believes whole heartedly that you should never work at a job that you hate. I am so so happy that I do not have to do that anymore! I am also happy that Scot not only supports me 100%, but also likes the job he is at, which makes everything a lot easier for both us!

SO if you follow me anywhere else, Facebook, Instagram, you probably have already seen me posting about color street, it isn’t going to stop anytime soon! Also I don’t know why I said, “if you follow me” girl if you are reading this, of course you follow me somewhere else! IF you want to hear about the best way to get some FREE color street, it’s by hosting a party & the awesome part is, you don’t even have to be local for us to party! Feel free to reach out to me if you are interested!

Which color/pattern set do you want to try as your first color street?! Drop your answer below!! <3

Thanks for reading!!



  • Ashley Bender

    These look fun! Question – do they work on short nails? I am a nail biter =( and sometimes have a hard time even keeping gel manicures in place for more than a week.

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