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My Skin Care Routine

Hey friends! Long time, no blog post! I recently shared my skin care routine in my stories over on Instagram and I wanted to list everything out here with links for you to shop, if you’re interested in doing so!

So let’s get started! First up is my face wash. Currently I am using Young Living’s ART Gentle Cleanser. I have never in my life used such a gentle cleanser! My face feels refreshed & clean without feeling super dry. I highly recommend this product! If I am wearing make-up, which isn’t a regular thing for me, I also use a YL product to remove it! If you follow me on Instagram you have definitely heard me talk about how much I LOVE the YL baby wipes from their Seedling line. They are made to clean up much messier things than make-up on our faces, so they do a terrific job!

After I cleanse I use a toner that I made myself with some of my YL essential oils! I used witch hazel, lavender, Frankincense, & tea tree. Different recipes call for different ingredients. You can really just play with it until you find a blend you like! I combined all of the ingredients in an amber glass spray bottle, making it quick & easy to use!

It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that the rest of my skin care routine all comes from Kylie Skin. All of the products are dermatologist tested, cruelty free + gluen free + vegan + paraben +sulfate free. I use her Vitamin C Serum, Walnut Face Scrub & Eye Cream.

For my moisturizer I am using up a Mary Kay moisturizer I got awhile back. Once it is gone I will be switching over to Kylie’s face moisturizer!

So the order I do things in is this :

Baby Wipes to remove make-up

ART cleanser to clean face

Walnut Face Scrub (once a week or so)

Essential Oil Toner

Vitamin C Serum


Eye Cream

And that’s it! My face feels clean, refreshed & ready! I really love all of these products so much! If you have any questions about any of them feel free to ask! What’s your favorite skincare product? Drop it in the comments! <3

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