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Oklahoma City Tour Guide

Y’all. I had the most relaxing + wonderful time in OKC. I did not even want to leave! Now, if you had told me 5 years ago that I would be traveling to Oklahoma City frequently & LIKING IT-I don’t think I would have believed you. I love the small town life I have here in Missouri. The city is only 15 minutes away, it’s quiet, feels like home. When we go to Oklahoma however, we’re in the CITY, we’re going to Bricktown, we’re in TRAFFIC, we’re driving the TURNPIKE, it’s completely different. The great thing about Oklahoma & specifically Yukon where we stay, is that yeah there’s a lot of stuff to do, it’s a BIG city, BUT there’s also fields + fields + fields & HORSES, & COWS right by my favorite grocery store. It also feels like HOME. So I am going to share some of my MUST VISIT spots in the city I have grown to love!

FIRST-Louie’s Grill & Bar-Lakeside

Every single time I visit, we eat at Louie’s by the lake!


Who doesn’t love to eat by the water?! Louie’s offers a delectably delicious menu & gorgeous views. Water as far as the eye can see is one of my favorite sites, I don’t know about you! Did I mention they have outdoor seating? Including picnic tables AND you can even eat outside with your dogs! IMG_2200

Clearly Aria was not interested in being photographed…

Louie’s also offers a wide variety of drinks (these are just some), my favorite is the Ocean Breeze!

Screenshot (8).png

Now there’s multiple Louie’s locations in OKC besides the lakeside one. I just prefer to be by the water!


Y’all I don’t even know where to start. Bricktown is home to my FAVORITE Oklahoma store, Jumping Jackalope. The coolest, trendiest, neatest tourist store you will ever go into.

Bricktown is home to the Oklahoma City Dodgers (minor league baseball team) & the Oklahoma City Thunder (NBA team). SONIC headquarters is also in Bricktown. You can find TONS of local, OKC only eateries & activities in Bricktown. One fun thing I did on one of my recent visits was a ride on the Bricktown Water Taxi!


In addition to taking a ride down the canal, there’s multiple local restaurants you can enjoy along the water as well! Perhaps one of the neatest spots in Bricktown is Bricktown Beach. If you’re worried about not getting your toes in the sand while in Oklahoma, worry no more!



If you love horses, then a stop to see the Clydesdales is a must!


The barn is state of the art. They are even in the process of building a newer + bigger barn behind the current one. If you’re lucky you’ll see a dog or two running around + sometimes a cat as well. The horses are sweet as can be + gorgeous! They recently even had a few ponies!




You will not regret a stop to see these award-winning animals!


This is something I didn’t do until my last couple of trips, & now I am hooked! Seriously guys, my parents even bought me a souvenir t-shirt, :). I love anything that gets me out on the water!


Please excuse my wind-blown hair. Aye yi yi. ANYWAY. The cruise lasts about an hour-hour + a half. On the weekends they do theme cruises–some of which include a full bar! You can always get beer + wine + water + soda/water & small snacks. They go multiple times a day from 3 different ports. Each boat even has a climate controlled cabin! You will cruise down the river & see everything from Bricktown to Riversport to the Wheeler Ferris Wheel!





This is the original ferris wheel from the Santa Monica Pier! It was purchased by the city of OK off of eBay in 2008! Rides are VERY affordable (like $6), there’s also a lot to do in the Wheeler District! You can lay in one of many hammocks, play yard games, TONS of great photo ops, usually on the weekends there are food trucks, etc! It’s a great place to go hang out, relax & enjoy a ride!



This is actually one thing I haven’t done yet! There is a TON of stuff to do, including, “whitewater rafting and kayaking, adventure courses, zip lines, rock walls, cycling, high-speed slides, bicycle pump tracks, flatwater kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. ”




(all pics from their Facebook page)


As you can see, Oklahoma City offers a WIDE variety of options & these are just my favorite! There’s definitely something for everyone though! Have you ever been to Oklahoma? What are some of your favorite spots? I’d love to chat about it!


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