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Happy New Year friends! If you follow me on Instagram you know I did a poll yesterday asking about a variety of possible content topics for the blog in 2019. One question I asked about was if you were interested in relational topics, the answer was a 100% YES! So I figure before I can dish out what relational knowledge I have, I should start with sharing Scot & I’s love story!

Let’s rewind to the end of summer 2010. I was working for a pet resort, (which shall remain nameless) & was in the process of transferring locations to move into the on site apartment at the location Scot worked at. When I first started there Scot & I didn’t interact much. It wasn’t until one night when his friend who also worked there was watching my apartment for me. That’s right, I lived there for free BUT if I wanted to go out after 7:00pm when the resort closed, I had to have someone who worked there stay in my apartment. I did this for FOUR YEARS friends. ANYWAY. I went out to a baseball game with some friends (which is completely unlike me & honestly probably the last baseball game I’ve been to) & when I came back Scot was at my apartment hanging with his friend.

I may have been a little tipsy 🙂 They were playing Halo, I tried playing with-keyword TRIED, & Scot thought I was cute. We started hanging out more one on one. In fact one of the first times we hung out we went with my parents driving around looking at Christmas lights. We held hands in the backseat & it was the cutest.

Now I had spent most of my life single so we were kind of opposite of two people who are starting to date. We spent more time apart in the beginning than together, ha. I knew things were different with him when I wanted him there while I was watching my shows. Seriously. Being single most of my life meant I was used to certain delicacy’s. One of the biggest being no distractions while watching my shows! The first show we started watching together was Dexter (super romantic right 😉 ) & we haven’t stopped watching shows together since.

Our first date was a quick dinner at Noodles & Company before I had to be back at the apartment. We spent so much time in that one bedroom apartment. We dated for almost two years before Scot proposed. During those two years we did break up once for a short period, maybe a month? I wasn’t sure where I wanted us to go, but now looking back I think I was just scared because I had never been in a relationship like ours before. I realized during our time apart that all I wanted was to spend the rest of my time with him. Luckily, he felt the same way.

On the night Scot proposed to me we had dinner at Applebee’s & then he took me to the lake down the street from the apartment. The same lake we had spent countless hours at throughout the entirety of our relationship. He blindfolded me so I couldn’t see what part of the lake we were going to. He drove around a few times & stopped at sailboat cove. He took me down by the water, the sun was setting & he told me about when he knew he loved me. Ugh, I’m all warm inside just typing this all out! It was perfect.

A little over a year from that night we were married outside, next to water & again, it was perfect. We have been married for a little over five years & together for a little over eight years now. Scot is my best friend. He is the person I go to first, the person I tell everything to, & he is the person I care the most about in the world.

Now, it hasn’t always all been sunshine & rainbows. The last year of our relationship was work. In fact I never understood why people said “marriage is work” before this last year. Because Scot & I had honestly never had a fight. Sure we had the normal “we live together & you’re annoying me” spats but, who can live with someone & not be annoyed by their socks sometimes?! I’m not going to get into any of that today though, I just don’t want you to think our relationship is perfect. We are in the best spot we have ever been now but it’s because we fought like hell to get here.

So now that you have our backstory I feel like we can dive into some relational topics this year! I’m certainly no expert but I’ll share what I know/have learned! If there’s something you wanna hear about, drop a comment below!

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