Pet Profiles : The Cornish Kids

Hey friends! I did some polls on my Instagram before the end of the year asking what y’all wanted to see on the blog & more than once the response was, “more of my dogs!” I am definitely on board with this! So today I am going to share profiles on each of our fur kids!

First up is my old man Solo! Solo is 9 years old, he’ll be 10 in May. The shelter I rescued him from said he was a Border Collie mix but I really think that’s just because he’s black and white! We have no idea what he’s mixed with but he’s just the handsomest boy!

The shelter found him as stray so I don’t know what exactly happened to him in the first few months of his life but he is scared of strangers, the car & being in public. If you ever come over to our house & he comes up to you, consider yourself very special! <3 A fun fact about Solo is that he has complete control over both of his ears! My favorite is when he has them both straight up but he only does then when super comfortable with his surroundings. The first night I brought Solo home he wouldn’t even sleep on the bed, he slept on the floor next to it. Now, we can’t keep him off of the bed. Solo is the only dog in our current pack that I had prior to dating Scot.

The first dog I got while dating Scot was my number two, Aria. Aria is a Maltipoo.

We spent the whole day looking for the perfect dog to add to the family & the next morning, we met Aria. Aria loves going in the car, other small dogs, napping with her dad & getting spoiled…by me. Aria is our princess. She goes to the groomer regularly-which she pretends to hate. She loves anyone who is willing to pet her/give her attention, & she is kind of a diva. Fun fact about Aria-she was in our wedding! <3

Next came our youngest but biggest kid, Chewbacca. I was looking for a dog to give Scot for Valentine’s Day when a co-worker told me about some puppies a local rescue had. She drove me out to their farm where I first laid on eyes on Chewbacca. He was the MOST ADORABLE little puppy I have EVER seen! He looked like a Pomeranian when we brought him home.

To this day he is the cutest puppy I have ever seen. He was found on the side of the road with his litter mates + mom. His mom was full German Shepherd & we don’t know what his dad was but all of his litter mates were black & white. Chewbacca loves Scot, swimming, snow & his tennis ball. Solo is his best friend. He is the biggest dog I have ever owned, also the loudest. He has taught me a lot about dog ownership. Chewbacca got his name because when he “talks” he sounds like a wookie. He loves every human he sees, he’s a bit more particular about the dogs he plays with nowadays though.

Last but not least is our sweet little Savannah bean.

Savannah is a miniature Bull Terrier rescued from the breeder auctions. If you don’t know what the breeder auctions are, they’re awful. The one Savannah is from is a group of Amish people who breed dogs. The dogs are stacked in cages, with no names, just numbers. Some of them have wires around their necks, or chains for collars. Savannah was being auctioned off because she wasn’t making “miniature” enough puppies. The average adult Bull Terrier weighs around 50lbs sometimes up to 60. Savannah weighed 28 the last time we took her to the vet. When we first met Savannah our groomer at the time had her. She was the one who had rescued her from the auctions. When she went on vacation we dog sat Savannah for her. She didn’t do anything but sit in the kennel. We left the door open & she would stay in there constantly. We would have to get down on our knees & leash her to get her to go outside to potty. Our groomer was considering putting her down because she didn’t think she had any quality of life. Then one day out in daycare, Chewbacca got Savannah to PLAY! Ugh, I tear up just typing this!!! Chewbacca saved Savannah’s life! While we were dog sitting her Solo & Chew were playing in the apartment when out of no where Savannah bolted out of the kennel to join them! It scared the crap out of all of us hah! She hasn’t stopped playing with them since!

She is still scared of strangers, but if you come to our house, & this is HUGE for her, she may just walk right up to you & give you a good sniff. She comes when she’s called now, she doesn’t eat like she doesn’t know if she’s getting fed again, but most importantly she’s living life like a normal dog!! Savannah has touched my life in a way that’s hard for me to accurately describe. She cuddles me when I sit on the couch, she comes into my office with me when I work, she really has become quite the mama’s girl & I am loving it!

In addition to our four dogs we also have a cat named Batman.

Batman loves wet food, getting brushed & being outside. One day Scot & I went to watch the dock diving dogs at a local rescue. We happened to wander inside only to see they were doing free cat adoptions (isn’t that always the case?!). I fell in love with Batman! He was playing in his water dish & with me through his cage, long story short we brought him home that day! Batman’s favorite dog is Chewbacca but he gets along with all of them just fine. He does not however, like any of the dogs who come to board with us. Typical cat.

Sadly we used to have an additional dog, Penny and an additional cat, Olivia but they both have passed. They were each only a member of our family for a couple years but they impact they made makes their losses extremely difficult.

So there you have it! A little breakdown of each of the Cornish Kids! I am forever grateful Scot is as big of an animal person as I am! Do you have any pets?! I want to hear all about them! Drop a comment below!

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