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Six Oily Steps I Take to Fight Off a Cold

Y’all. I made it so far into the year without getting sick! I credit that in large part to my oils. After all, they are the biggest (& really only) change I have made to my wellness in the last year. When I did finally get hit with a cold they were the first thing I turned to and let me tell you, they cut that sucker in HALF! I have never in my life gotten over a cold so quickly. So now I am going to share all the different ways I used oils during my cold!! 

First & foremost I made sure I was using my Wellness roller every night before bed. I try to do this nightly anyway but during my cold I made sure not to miss a night no matter what! You may have seen my post about my wellness roller but in case you missed it here is the recipe : 

10 drops Thieves
5 drops Purification
Fill the rest with carrier oil ( I use fractioned coconut oil)

I also like to run a “clean air” or “ick be gone” blend through the diffusers as soon as I feel sickness coming on. This ensures that we’re breathing in helpful instead of harmful things!

Next came something to help soothe my throat. I don’t know about you but every single time I get sick it starts with a horrible sore throat. This throat spray recipe acts as a substitute for chloraseptic lozenges. 

The one thing I did to save myself from sinus issues + constant runny nose was use Rosemary oil. I boiled a pot of water on the stove then dropped a few drops of Rosemary in. I then put a towel over my head & took deep breaths in. If you can’t breathe in through your nose that’s fine you can through your mouth. The goal is just go get the Rosemary into your system. You can do this once an hour. For an extra kick you can mix the rosemary with some coconut oil & apply it directly under your nose. Rosemary is available in a 5ml vitality or a 15ml bottle. Either option works for these purposes! 

One oil you can use topically for your cold is R.C. You can apply this oil directly to your throat & chest just dilute it 1:1 with a carrier oil. I use fractioned coconut oil. R.C. will help open your airways & help fight off the infection. Plus it has a nice calming woodsy scent to it!

The last thing I did was make an extra strong immunity boosting roller for bedtime. I rolled this on my feet in addition to my wellness roller. There are multiple recipes out there for immunity rollers & to be honest I kind of DIY’d it with the oils I had on hand. Most recipes are going to call for some variation of the following oils :

Lemon – Thieves – Peppermint – Frankincense – Tea Tree – Oregano

The great thing about using essential oils is that you can use them often. I have all of these concoctions near me and at the ready when I am feeling under the weather! If you ever have any questions at all about essential oils please do not hesitate to ask me! There’s no such thing as a silly question & that’s what I am here for! 

I hope everyone has a safe & healthy winter season!!!


*DISCLAIMER* I am not a doctor! Statements made on this blog pertain to Young Living essential oils ONLY and should NOT be applied to oils from other sources!! I am only sharing what has worked for myself. If you are experiencing serious health issues please consult your physician. These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. 

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