• Oils

    The Best Fall Scents For Your Home

    Alright, I’m going to burst your bubble right off the bat and tell you this post is not going to contain a single candle. Nope, not a one! I never really was much of a candle person then I tried my hand at making some once I started getting into essential oils. They’re actually pretty easy & fun to make. It was then that I was first told about the dangers of burning candles, and no I’m not talking about fire. It turns out there’s harmful chemicals in candles that can lead to health problems ranging from headaches and dizziness to respiratory infections and even cancer. Candles made with paraffin…

  • Oils

    All About Thieves Essential Oil

    Hey friends! I am going to be trying something new with the oils aspect of MWJ! Each week I will be shining the spotlight on a different oil or line of products that Young Living offers. This could be in the form of IGTV videos, Facebook lives, posts on my oils specific Instagram (@mwjessoils), etc. The first spotlight is shining on Thieves! Yesterday I posted a short video to the IGTV channel on @mwjessoils. I talked about Thieves eo, & the entire line of Thieves products YL offers, and specifically Thieves household cleaner. Today I wanted to talk more in detail of specific ways I have personally used Thieves eo…

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