The Best Fall Scents For Your Home

Alright, I’m going to burst your bubble right off the bat and tell you this post is not going to contain a single candle. Nope, not a one! I never really was much of a candle person then I tried my hand at making some once I started getting into essential oils. They’re actually pretty easy & fun to make. It was then that I was first told about the dangers of burning candles, and no I’m not talking about fire.

It turns out there’s harmful chemicals in candles that can lead to health problems ranging from headaches and dizziness to respiratory infections and even cancer. Candles made with paraffin wax are the worst offenders. They produce toxic carcinogens and emit harmful vapors into the air. For more information check out this article from Daily Mail.

In addition to the chemical dangers of burning candles, I also live in a house with 7 animals, 3 of which are cats, so, open flames aren’t ideal. We are a strictly essential oils only house! The best part about that is, I can get a scent for whatever mood/season I want just by getting on Pinterest & searching for a fitting blend for my diffuser. So I thought I would share some of my favorite blends for fall with you!

It wouldn’t be a list of fall scents if I didn’t include a pumpkin spice option right?!

Which blend is your favorite? Let me know below!



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