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Wellness Wednesday : Wellness EO Roller

Hey friends! I am going to be doing another series across my platforms called “Wellness Wednesday”! It might not always be a blog post, it could just be a story/live, a post on my Instagram, a recipe, the possibilities are endless! Just make sure you’re connected with me so you don’t miss out! It also won’t always be about oils! I’m going to talk about all kinds of things! Some examples include-therapy, yoga, meditation, self-love & more! If there is something you want to hear about, don’t be shy, let me know!

So let’s dive into the very first Wellness Wednesday!!!


When I received my starter kit from Young Living in the mail I was so excited to start trying every single thing out! Pinterest became my go to spot for all things oils! I was able to find tons & tons of recipes that I could make with the oils in my kit! One of those things was a roller for wellness!

Here is the recipe :

10 drops Thieves

5 drops Purification

Fill the rest with carrier oil ( I use fractioned coconut oil)


Every night before I go to sleep I roll this on the bottoms of my feet and I kid you not, I haven’t been sick since the end of March. If you are wanting to absorb oils quickly the bottom of your feet is the best place to apply them. Your feet don’t have sebaceous glands which can act as barrier to the oils. You should only be applying pure, therapeutic grade essential oils, like Young Living’s to your skin. The essential oils at the store, while they say they are pure, are not & can harm you/your skin.

If you ever want more information or have any questions at all about essential oils please feel free to ask me! That’s what I am here for! 🙂

If you want a wellness roller of your own-contact me! They’re only $8!




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