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You’re Gonna Want to Be My Sister!

Hey friends! I recently did a poll on my Insta Stories asking about what content y’all would like to see more of. The first question I asked was if you were interested in posts about blogging-the response was an overwhelming YES! So, today I am going to share with you all about the amazingness that is Style Collective.


I started blogging over two years ago but I was definitely not taking it seriously or even thinking about the future of it. I just wanted to document the journey Scot and I were on with 26 Churches 26 Weeks. Once we kind of stopped doing that however, I basically quit blogging. I would only write when I felt SUPER inspired. Fast forward to the last year when I started taking my Instagram more seriously. I was seeing some fun results, gaining followers and meeting new people but not at the pace I wanted. I started to follow more and more bloggers, see their successes and want it for myself as well! I had made a website but it was more just links to things I was interested in. I wasn’t “blogging” or writing full posts about things.

Then in the last couple of months I started seeing posts about a thing called Style Collective. Not being a fashion blogger I didn’t pay too much attention. Then a blogger friend I met on Instagram (@mallyelizabethblog) started sharing about being a SC Sister. I realized it was for any and all bloggers, not just fashion bloggers. I ended up going to their website, signing up for the waiting list and talking with my new friend about it! Membership isn’t always open for SC so when it came open and I had the money to join, I did so without hesitation!

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Once I was able to get onto the membership side of the site, I was overwhelmed! Style Collective is FULL of online workshops, information, opportunity, and best of all SUPPORT from girls just like you! I joined the Sister Support Facebook group, where everyday girls are posting/commenting, giving each other advice and support. There is never any judgement or rude comments. It literally feels like an instant family! I printed off worksheets and started a blogging binder. I use the monthly prep kits to set me up for success each month-I even have the calendars as my desktop background! That means everyday when I get onto my computer I am seeing any events/holidays for the day and I know what I need to be talking/posting about!

Investing in the $10/month for SC is really an investment in myself. I have met so many new people since joining (and I’ve only been a member for two months)! I have had opportunities open up I never would have had before and best of all, I’m really really enjoying all of it! Style Collective has helped me plan a future for my blog, bring in more money from my posts and even believe in myself more!

Now here is the fun part-right now-membership IS open! So you can join SC and be my sister!!! You will not regret making this decision. Whether you are new to blogging or have been blogging for a while! Click on the picture below to join!


Did you join?! Leave a comment below so I can celebrate with you! Have questions?! Drop those below too! I am happy to help any way I can! <3


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